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Оксана Cтогова | Oksana Stogova

Every cloud has a silver lining

All 78 photos taken at the Bishkek symposium/Kirgizia, May, 1998/ turned out to be boring. Their life was short: a year later they were cut to pieces. The result of this action was a series of collages, pieced together with the help of glue, bearing the conditional title" 10x15" / the format of photos/
A collage is an extremely surprising game of glass beads , a meditation, it is like playing a card game of patience; a patchwork quilt, made of pieces of reality, a process abstract in its essence, when constructing new reality on a sheet of paper, you control not the literary aspects or the course of narration, but the interrelation of spots and shapes. Collages of this series appeared in Sheryaevo because of the "inner symposium": the photos were taken in Bishkek on the bank of lssik-kool /1998/, the collages that appeared, cut the life of the photos in Samara, on the bank of the Volga /1999/. ("The West" transformed "The East"). Besides, it was Sheryaevo, a small village in the centre of Russia, where the artists from Asia, whose friends were portrayed in those photos, had come. On the whole, the series of collages entitled "10x15" is an idea of the format, quality and the purpose of photography as such, which an average petty person of late 1990-ies has.