CASH: IX Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art



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ханнс-михаель руппрехтер | hanns-michael rupprehter

do what you like

avantgarde reconstructionism

careful planning of work is always important (figure 1).

on the 3rd floor of the school building in schirjaewo a large theatre auditorium is situated (figure 2), which is out of use for a long time, since cultural meetings in the newly built cultural centre take place. twenty-four ''art fruits'' (kleinplastiken; literally translated as small sculptures) are to recognize on the floor in front of the stage as well as in front of the chairs (figure 3), condoms filled up with grass seed and placed on advertising pages of a well known german weekly paper. the grass seed consisted of a german special mixture for sports grounds.

i cleaned the stage and had wiped the stage floor up to the art fruits. the theatre auditorium should remain in the way it was: dusty and dirty. unfortunately however women cleaned and wiped the theatre auditorium on the day of the performance. suddenly it looked like a scenery of a contemporary drama by Robert Wilson. i could not reconstruct the original condition, but i had to carry the theatre auditorium back again into a place of the fine arts, so there was no way for any misunderstandings. I had no other choice as collecting dust and dirt in the school building and to distribute it on the theatre auditorium, again.

the audience (figure 4). - as well as standing on the stage or sitting just in front of it -enjoyed my composition "do what you like". during that performance the art fruits could be taken by the audience (figure 5). all artists of the symposium been a part of that performance. they did during twelve minutes whatever they wanted. only one condition: they had to cover their heads. it was up to them, what they chose therefore.

after all, the theatre auditorium had changed (figure 6 -9).

later on i celebrated the success of my art work in a restaurant (figure10). my carefully prepared male salt herring (figure 11) was also loved by my very special two guests: Mascha and Natascha (figure 12). we also drank something ( figure 13 ). in love for Mascha and Natascha i established a monument for the two ladies on the day after. seen from the west (figure 14) for Mascha and seen from the east (figure 15) for Natascha.

Mascha and Natascha can be experienced from each perspective: at any time they are beautiful and carefully designed.