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Back 2003: Food

Ната Морозова | Nata Morozova

my friend doesn't like fish
installation, performance

… a water a jug copper with patina a Astrakhan water-melon a bunch of grapes raisins a bunch of grapes isabella a anise apple an Azerbaijan pomegranate a lemon a beaker of bilberry color a bohemian glass a Georgian dish a bronze a gobelin an empty carboy an album of "Dutchs" a herring a mackerel a sardines a trout a notions pocket mirrors a vintage mirror…

Empty amphitheater, lime-pit it is. At naked steps not in the center the superfluous still-life a la Heda is installed. Rings of sliced lemon, a beaker, etc. The Fish in a vessel is multiplied in mirrors.

Spectators are painfully trudging uphill to appear here. Heat. They stop on edge of a plateau. From here the still-life with a fish is seen by intriguing fragment.

The Dutch's album is located at foots of public. It is opened on a reproduction of a portrait red-cheeked scapegrace. Wind. Edges of the album are holding by small pocket mirrors. Spectators are taking mirrors.

Game with the meal, reflecting surfaces, the sun begins. The still-life is flickering like pile of treasures. A fish is shining … by solar rays. The meal bewitches, tempts, entices. They eat it by eyes. Tear apart on slices notions pocket mirrors. Spectators approach nearer and nearer to the still-life.

All are offered to choose - or fruit, a fish, etc. or simply a drink of water.

Rise, hot August, thirst, hot dusty stones, taboo or fair satiation after a virtual junket.
They choose water. Basically …

What we really want to eat? What that in fact there is? What that we want?

P. S. He really does not like fish. while I like…

nata morozova