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Анна Орехова | ANNA OREKHOVA

Breakfast in the Army

The theme of the action was suggested to me by my friend, artist Edison. He told me as a witness, that food in the army is a very specific currency system and the really working calendar.

For example, two cigarettes can be exchanged for a slice of bread, and three cigarettes are equivalent to one piece of sugar. In summer, on Sundays, you are given a half of an apple, and in winter - two sweets. Winter is also characterized by half of an onion for lunch.

Among the "recruits" there is even a saying that reflects the integrity of the calendar cycle and the food ration of a soldier:

Ate the butter - day is over,
Ate the egg - week is over,
What should I eat
For two years to pass?

Such details are unforgettable for persons who served in the army, while those who were not there take it as a joke.

I invited everyone who came to biennial symposium to my action to the school canteen, where I fed them with a full army breakfast, thus turning them into soldiers again. The breakfast included oatmeal porridge, egg, bread and butter, sweet tea and half of an apple.

anna orekhova