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Роман Коржов | Roman Korzhov

Art of a good fellowship
Roman Korzhov, Nelia Korzhova

Taste these nice French rolls, and have tea…

This odd (in my perception) phrase must be familiar to those individuals who attempted some time to install Cyrillic fonts onto their PC. Why does the test pattern include exactly this phrase and not a different one (in which the same letters and their combinations might occur)? It is evidently a rhetoric question, and there is no definite answer available, and I like it in fact. I like this "message", which I certainly regard as a "technological" piece of advice, or as hardware's "voice", or just as nonrandom coincidence; in any case, something very nice and pleasant, something warm and wholesome is offered - eat and drink, experience the flight path from taste through communication, create an atmosphere, space for relations. Lack of information - specifically where and on which occasion - a situation customary and "gratifying" on my part. Very naturally (again on my part) - not to mention unambiguity - it is silly - "… he fell out of window", "from which floor…, oh! from the 21st…, then all splashed, shit - there, brains here" - I am seized with terror - imagination turns into an obtuse hammer or a wrench, why! really - how could he bonk before spreading his "wings". Coarse tissues presuppose presence of other, more delicate substances. There must be somewhere warmness, softness, sliding motion, sobbing sounds. By the way, currently I need exactly these sounds for "recording", but that task (as to where to generate it from) transgresses the bounds of this "narration". Nevertheless. Soft, almost non-Russian climate in this latitude, as well as "world-style" marking the local community converting into a "European politeness" for pragmatic purposes - all that is attractive to a certain limit. The art "mover" is a "ternary-style" thing, if it is fed by such a "grub" - its performance is very poor - eats much - produces little. I can smile with my lips only, my eyes are busy. Where are my guests? I hacked this door without inviting them to enter; you are all there, inside. But hark! The word "COCK" on the wall sounds no more coarse and dirty - it is like "Take care" - use it and be well, it will be always topical, like art itself. It contains necessary (and sufficient) warmness and cordial feelings, as well as reliable motivation, and no shock anymore.

It is my perception, that "Scylla" and "Kharibda" - the two monsters of modern times - correspond to "may" and "may not" in various places and in various circumstances. How to get to a safe place, where you will not be eaten and not be crushed, where you do not need to cut, to scribble, and to do poker-work: "…I was here…" How to do, what one is eager to do? At first sight it seems to be not a problem at all; the problem is - how to show it, "accentuate" it in a way. Besides, along with pure intention you need (necessarily) to have some reasons, which are comprehensible and comparable with some abstract majority "powered" from abstract illusions. The limits of "permissible" are evidently subject to expansion by means of different tokens and notorious "strategies and technologies and promotion". Symptomatic is the fact that all sorts of "promotions" and others of that ilk make up a positive factor justifying the being; consequently documentary absence (from… through, via, etc.) of events record, confirming arrival at the "destination point" (which, like the horizon line, is just looming) is tantamount to transition from "nowhere" into "nowhere", where you - under the corresponding angle - appear to be "nobody".

Meanwhile we are already "located". The necessity of "being located" is not directly linked to eating. It is like art - "be" and "not be located" - all that "is" is expected to be "taken". I am somewhere here, possible "in-between". It is close to the ground and not far from the "top", which at a given moment is not the target. Much more important is to understand - what to do "here" swarming with "double-edged weapons" - on the one hand, the familiar "may", on the other hand, the corresponding "may not". Excellent construction material to be used for fabricating adequate structure without any "standoffs and clearances"… Small and (in public understanding) harmful (in certain context) creatures*: without food they are asleep, but until a certain moment - before I feed them - I "may", since it (food) is in abundance here: nice weather, beautiful landscape, exultant mood, friends who are with us, our creative plans, night stars, campfire sparks, laughter and music, cordial relations… In the everyday (folk) perception of the process, all the above is not necessary - availability of simple, clear by touch and price-known ingredients will do. But our "product" ripens under different conditions - it is with us; conventional form-incubator operates as an aerial and a power transformer receiving "emanations", or those substances that will later "belong to people" (if these people are lucky enough). Somehow or other, after passing the narrow gates the flow exposed to different pressure and temperature stops boiling up (according to a known logic) and gets into alternative "shores" and other "vessels". Their innage will be offered to you by an elegant girl with enigmatic eyes, in mysterious twinkling surrounding of a cool cave; the circle will close, when your blood takes it on, when are able of taking yourself for a terminal station: the train has arrived, the stop time is limited, and it will soon leave for an unknown place, but well… somebody will definitely get off and stay "located" with you … You may call it a sophisticated "woo-doo", an "art of warm relations"…

Of course, if you say "help yourself", it is not by default so that you will be capable of swallowing it. My father once said to me: "Have tea - your soul will get warm". How simple and incomprehensible at the same time - instantaneous teleportation of a body (taste) into spirit (state)! Paradox and gravitation of feeling generated by simple expression of a certain state leave place for hope for legitimacy of my "being in location", and the invitation to "taste nice French roll and have tea…" stands.

Roman Korzhov