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наташа фомичева, александр овчинников, анна орехова | natasha fomicheva, alexandr ovchinnikov, anna orekhova

erection of the monument to unknown mcdonald's

"Memorial to the Unknown McDonald's"

Construction of a monument was a reaction to the napkin "Big Macs" advertising which we saw in McDonalds. On the napkin there were green meadow, clear sky and cows. The advertising was as follows: "it took us needed three years to create "Big Mac". The advertising told that for creating the "Big Mac" they needed to create the heaven, earth, grass, cow …. And all this over three years!

How could the inhabitants of Shiryaevo react to such a message in 3003, in the situation when nobody recalls what is McDonalds, and there is only a myth about Creation and the totem monument in the form of the letter M?

The monument was made in Shiryaevo from the available "cow" material - hay. And it was installed in the ruins of the local plant which had been producing packages for dairy products. Its light constructions enabled to create the picture of nearly Greek cathedral - McDonalds - with the surrounding green slopes and meadows with cows.



Memorial to the unknown McDonalds returns us to the sources of the food line. Cows grow from the grass, hamburgers grow from the cows. The cult character of the construction is underlined by the perspective of the ruined dairy factory. The letter M is at the back of the building.

The secret meaning of the Letter, as this of the every religious symbol, cannot be interpreted in one way. The impersonal monument refers us to the impersonal aspect of the Absolute McDonalds. The temporary character of the monument which will be eaten later as cows' food, imitates a ritual rotation of births and deaths, and this idea is put into the basis of an ancient myth about the Creation of a hamburger.

"To make a Hamburger, McDonalds needed three years. First he made heaven, meadow, cows, and then all the rest…"

To set a monument for McDonalds, the constructors needed three days. According to the history of the monument, they made the letter M from hay, and then returned hay to the host.

N. Fomitscheva, A. Ovtchinnikov