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Диана Мачулина | DIANA MACHULINA

Диана Мачулина : Ширяево

alive sculpture, Shiryaevo, 2007
place: near museum

The genre of the proposed by me project could have been called “living sculpture”.

As my work I'm ready to present a turn in a village street with minimum suspense, which could have happened without my participation; but thereat it is thoroughly directed based on picture arranging law reality. Scenery is ready made, dummy casting is done on-site.

The project is built on parallel between a structure of a usual Russian dwelling, which is izba, and the idea of Russian “collegiality” as a way of state construction. A wall of a log-house made of logs, surfaced round wood blocks of a perpendicular wall stare at us with crack radiuses crossing growth rings. In front of the wall is a wooden bench, usual lads sitting on it, all of them deep-chested, close-cut, facing the wall of the izba looking at spectators with similar round napes.

A good house can be built only of high-quality timber; stable state can be built of suitable human stuff. Quality standard, both in izba case and in “collegiality” case, never cancels individual specialties of a single element. In each upper log of a log-house they choose a grove, which accurately copies configuration of all lower log bosses. The same is with hierarchic social structure: the each lower standing humbles with mettle of a top echelon and hides his mettle keeping in mind a possibility to show it to the one, who stands even lower. Izba is like a state also in that chosen logs for building are originally equal but due to the long arm of coincidence one of them will be closer to the ground and will bear the rest, rots earlier and will be replaced by a similar one; the other one turned out to be closer to the “roof”, load on it is less and such log is called the “male”. “Fastigium” tops the roof, above it only that who can sit on it to prove its stability, test durability of the building with his own weight.

Practice of correlation of architect, painterly style with historic situation of an epoch is used long ago in art history. Nowadays innovation is that reasoning about verticals and horizontals, appropriate while analyzing a piece of art, let's say, the composition of a picture, discover political character. Notions once used for depicting 2D space now are applied to design 3D reality. Talking of life reminds of art criticism. In my work spectators are invited to evaluate a compositional structure of a next to real episode of life. Vertical axis is built of logs lying one on another, horizontal one is built of napes of men sitting in a row.

Everything is systemized in this turn. But will happen with the tree found useless for construction purposes? It continues growing. It maintains individual vertical position not lying under other trees to construct common future vertical. An art man with his freakish curve of creative growth is also useless material and stays apart from constructing a state vertical, presenting an alternative to standards. He is not stuff for module structure like a house, that's why he is homeless. “Home-less” tempts the spectator to look at reality from a distance, identify it as a product of foreign will and choose a role of a free person and not of construction material for himself.

Diana Machulina

Catalog 2007