Postcards for Shiryaevo, inspired by a history of mountains Zhiguli

In the morning, about five o'clock, when I still couldn't find sleep, I put on my biggest boots and started a hike from Shirjaevo to the holy spring.
First I met two “friendly”and grey dogs who told me that I am on the wrong path and showed me the right direction.
As I came deeper in the valley, just before the sun raised, I saw white witches dancing, and as they recognised me, I dared for advice
So they told me : Go back to Shirjaevo, rape all bigbreasted women of the village, then take your sharpest knife, and kill all artist.
As I argumented that I am looking for a nonviolent path, they thought it would be better to ask the two black crows in the woods.
So I went on, but as everybody knows you cannot talk to crows, especially not to black crows. (Anyone who says so is a lyer or even a bad fairy-tale teller )
At least I reached the spring, got naked and pored a bucket with springwater over myself.
Then the moskitos decided to call me breakfast.
So I hurried back to Shrijaevo, not forgetting to fill my bottle with spring water before.
As I turned my head once on my way back the spirit of Shiguli mountains tried to fuck my mind last time with an illusion, but being tired to death, I just went on.
As I arrived at the house, I pulled off my boots and cooled my feet with the springwater I brought with me, then fell to a deep and good sleep.
Thanks to God, I am not believing!

Having sex or running into knife
I just hope You keep your eyes open