America is not only the USA.

But it shine at the zenith of fame all the 20 century, inevitably taking up new horizons market, policy, mass media.
Your pictures appear classic American western, with a prancing to the cherished Label horsemen, each gaining their own land, having in the arsenal of only the body and its energies.
«Fight fishes» Basquiat's times caused admiration!
They opened the «new world» no slavery in the new technology, and until the «new world» was opened, all to remember that America is an experiment for all peoples.
But he and the «open».
This total seizure can be compared with the movement of «Contemporary Art», nearly a century of struggle for «other vision», unexpectedly led to the victory.
Almost full, at least in a cultural field.
All agree that it was good.
There is not resistance.
Technology and capture are no longer in demand.
What - it has happened.
On the one hand - the apparent overproduction within the boundaries of «white cube», and dependence on the art market, drive all in the context of «there and then».
On the other hand, the author - the creator and demiurge, the one who captured the boundless future, he was in captivity of new technologies, techniques, and easy money, if the embodiment of his creative vision necessary to hang on the taps pyhtyaschy engine or put formaldehyde sharks.
In such a situation «field fight» can only be «out of the struggle», where a minimum of improvised materials, where it is important to know your body, move «regard to the hand», to be «here and now».
At the appointed day «here» Shiryaevo in the village to gather the audience, so that only "now" together with artists, passing from one "art spots" to the other, to outline the general contours of art events, which manifests itself in reality to a short snippet of time to disappear after nomadic show.
In keeping with the theme of 2009 «America : between Europe and Asia» development of its own «the point of art», acquires an additional dimension. This is akin to the development of «new world».
And the «light» lit inside the artist.

Nelja Korzhova
curator Biennale