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Back 2016: CASH 2016: Concept


12/08 - 27/09 2016


Our time of virtual payments only accentuates the significance of cash. The whole world is chip-implanted. Plastic cards are all around. Everyone has a personal number. All the fulfilled wishes are databased, all the potential ones could be easily calculated. Openness corresponds to willingness to provide personal information to the system:

- you eat too much carrots,

- and you're apparently an absolute drunkard,

- and you're a miser or a very lonely person,

- and may I ask how you got such an expensive car considering your modest salary?

And what remains on hand? Where is a nest egg for you to rely on?

Traditionally, art assumed the functions of constructing a social world view by visualization of the morals concepts. And it was always bound with accumulating wealth, both spiritual and material. Dreams of freedom and happiness inspired a dream of fat purse. Money equivalent of “a well-to-do person” passed the censorship of “righteous behaviour”, both aspects being balanced by the concept of sin. Still “the non-material”  defined the material aspect. “Idea” created “market”. What would be the consequence of changing the balance?

Contemporary art responds to this mutation by renunciation of tangible embodiment of an artwork. Art is not a subject anymore, it is a communication. Visual constituent slips away, gravitating toward something processual and invisible.

But what remains after all? Ability to transmit one's ideas to all people at once? or readiness for total dialogue?

Whithin the framework of IX Shiryaevo biennale it is offered to consider the idea of cash both in the everyday world and in the arts. “Cash” topic reveals a conflict between wishes for  building up confiding relationship and accepting rules of global market communication.

Nelya Korzhova  - Biennale Curator